With the Accent Card,Carte Accent

be rewarded for your loyalty !

Are you interested in a free, practical loyalty scheme that is valid in over 500 hotels?   

With the Accent card, every night spent in one of SEH’s hotels earns you points and lets you quickly save up for rewards..

You can use it anywhere in France and Europe in any mid-range INTER-HOTEL and budget P’tit Dej-HOTEL establishments (1 and 2 stars), as well in all QUALYS-HOTEL and Relais du Silence hotels,  two high-end hotel brands (3 and 4 stars).   

Easy to use :

1 night in a P’tit Dej-Hotel = 2 Accent points

1 night in an Inter-Hotel = 3 Accent points

1 night in a Qualys-Hotel = 4 Accent points

1 night in a Relais du Silence = 4 Accent points


20 Accent points: 1 bottle of Laurent-Perrier* Brut L-P champagne.

30 Accent points: An immediate reduction of 40 Euros.

40 Accent points: A card with a face value of 50 Euros, valid in all our establishments.

100 Accent points: A 120 Euros reduction card, valid for the purchase of a gift box for the Relais du Silence

Feel free to inquire about our loyalty program during your stay in our hotel. The Accent Card can be created  on the spot so that  you can collect your first Accent Points at the end of your stay.

* The Société Européenne d’Hôtellerie reserves the right to substitute another brand of champagne, at any time. The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health.