Nevers… The mildness of the Loire’s banks… The city of emotions in the land of castles, renowed for its historical heritage, its blue porcelain, the convent where is resting the reliquary of Bernadette Soubirous, and its numerous car races on the Magny-Cours circuit.

On the “Butte”, a small hill overlooking The Loire stands one of the most representative monuments of Nevers’ history.

The Ducal Palace is considered as one of the first castles of the Loire, the Italian neo-Renaissance styled theatre built in the nineteenth century and the Saint-Cyr-et-Sainte-Julitte Cathedral is exclusive thanks to its two opposed chancels, the first one Roman and the other Gothic

Nevers presents a full panorama of the religious architecture throughout the centuries. From the eleventh to the twentieth century, all styles have been illustrated by outstanding monuments.

Cathedral Nevers

Ducal Palace Nevers

The Saint-Etienne Church is a model of the Romanesque architecture style and the baroque style, Holy Mary Chapel were built in the eleventh and seventeenth century respectively. The classical style Saint-PeterChurch dates from the seventeenth century and the Saint-Bernadette du BanlayChurch, built in 1966 following the contemporary style, has achieved an international popularity.Saint Etienne church Nevers

The Saint-Gildard Church with the intact body of Bernadette Soubirous is a site to be visited that cannot be missed.Sainte Bernadette Soubirous Nevers

Nevers asserted itself during the seventeenth century as the French earthenware Capital. A museum made up of the finest collections created by our master potters has opened its doors. You can also visit the pottery workshops and stroll through the shops.

Earthenware Nevers

The Morvan

To the east of Nevers is located a district with a strong identity. You will discover a thousand of  landscapes, wooded hills, deep valleys and big lakes… During four centuries, the Nièvre has carried on its rivers to the capital the sawn logs, gathered in “rafts”, a raft journey particularly poignant and magnificent.

Morvan Regional Nature Park


The Loire and the channels

The panorama of the “Bec d’Allier” offers a unique landscape, the meeting of the Loire and the  Allier. The greenway, which extends some 14 km along the lateral channel at the Loire, enables you to stroll safely and in perfect harmony with nature, on foot, on bicycle or on roller skates.

Bec d’Allier Panorama

Green Way Nevers

Allow yourself some incredible relaxation time, alone or with the family: around the Loire, there are multiple options, canoe or kayaking, the discovery a traditional barge, and not forgetting the fishing. For a stay close to nature, why not let yourself be seduced by the renting a bike or escaping in a barge on the departure point of Plagny, to explore the landscapes of woods and forests accommodated with small charming villages.

The Nevers Magny-Cours Circuit

Rented 300 days a year, the circuit, internationally popular due to the Grand Prix of Formule 1 is also famous due to other popular events such as the Classic Days, an annual gathering of collection cars, or the “Bol d’or”, a motorcycle endurance race, and even the Superbike World Championship.

Motor Racing Circuit Nevers Magny-Cours

Gastronomy and handicraft

Cradle of the charolais breed and at two steps from the vineyards of Pouilly and Sancerre, the Nièvre is also popular for its specialities such as the nougatines, the famous Negus or the morvandiau hat.

Brown Nougat Nievre

But also…

Enjoy your stopover in Nivernais by doing an air-balloon trip, visit the Floral Park and themedieval village of Apremont, at 15 minutes from Nevers. Do some window shopping in the various shops of the city center.

Air Balloon Trip

Ververt Track Nevers

Gym Club Vert Nevers

Charolais Breed

For the athletes, the Green Club – Club Vert, a gym, located at 5 minutes from our hotel including a swimming pool along the Loire. You can also do some jogging while listening to the chirping of the birds along the Ververt track.

You can find all the activities on the websites Nièvre Tourisme and Nevers Tourisme